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Daytrip from Fez to the Tuesday Souk in Azrou

Carpets at Azrou SoukFresh produce at Azrou SoukTea at Azrou souk
On Monday evening we decided we would take a trip to the weekly Tuesday souk in Azrou, about 90km south of Fez in Morocco's Middle Atlas mountains. You can hire a grand taxi for the day and then have the flexibility to stop anywhere along the route including the swiss chalet town of Ifrane or visit the Barabary Apes (Macaque monkeys) in the cedar forests.
However as we were only visiting the market we decided to take one of the sardine tin places in the grand taxis that ply the route between Fez and Azrou throughout the day. After the 90 minute journey we walked the 1km to market on the edge of town (take the road by the Bus Station).
On our way there we met a small flock of sheep & new spring lambs being herded back towards town, obviously their price was right. On arrival at the market we made our way to the small Carpet / Blanket section, just to the left, inside the 1st gate, to see what was available, prices here are usually cheaper than Fez, and the browsing and buying process more relaxed. A couple of things caught our eye and after checking some prices we explored the rest of market.
The souk was full of fresh spring produce glowing in the sunshine, wonderful red tomatoes, piles of broad beans, peas, peppers etc. We had a pot of tea at one of the stalls at the edge of the market, where I discovered that price of a caged Goldfinch (Mekneen) was 15 dirham.
After further exploring we went back to the carpet & blanket sellers where we picked up some nice blankets/handiras for Dar Aquas, before then going for a Kefta & Brochette lunch in the dedicated food section at the far end of the souk. After lunch it was back to the grand taxi station for the squashed return trip to Fez.
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Posted 27 March 2013


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