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Nature:  The return of the House Buntings

House Bunting (sahari) at Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco, June 2013Last year as the winter rains began we had to cover the halka (opening to sky from courtyard).  This unfortunately cut off access to Dar Aquas to the House Buntings that were regular visitors, often even roosting on the smallest of ledges on the wooden halka surround.  Last week  as summer approached and the risk of big rains receded we decided to remove the cover.  Then yesterday evening at dusk, we heard a familiar sparrow like tweeting on the first floor and as we approached we spotted a bird with a distinctive brown body and grey head perched above the balcony on the first floor.  The House Bunting (sahari) is resident only to North  West Africa, it is not even found in Spain and indeed  has only reached the far north of Morocco (Tetouan) in the last few years.    It is really is wonderful to have them back with us at Dar Aquas.  Apologies for the poor photo, we’ll probably get some opportunities to take a better one of our newly returned friends over the next few days.
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Posted 13 June 2013


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