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News:  Newly restored hamman opens at Bab Boujloud

Abdelali (cafe owner) & Mohamed (Beldi ironworker) at entrance to restored haman open at Bab Boujloud, Medina, Fez Morocco Interior of restored haman now open at Bab Boujloud, Medina, Fez Morocco

The hammam on Serrajine near Bab Boujloud, which has recently been undergoing some restoration works, has finally opened. .Hammam Mernissi which is located directly next to Thami's restaurant opened last week with free entry on the first day. It will initially be open for women during the day (10h - 21h) and men in the mornings (6h-10h) and evenings (21h-24h), with admission of 10h. The hammam has a sizeable reception (pictured above) and changing area, and then inside the bathing rooms are quite large. They are also restoring some rooms on the upper floor and when these are finished, private hammams with be available. These will be suitable particularly for tourists amongst whom there is demand for couples to take a hammam together, something not usually available at the traditional Moroccan hammam where the sexes use the facilities at different times.
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Posted 17 July 2013

/ Updateed 19/07/2013


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