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Culture: Recontre Internationales de la photo du Fes

2014 Fez Festival of World Sacred MusicThe 7th Recontres Internationales de la photo du Fes takes place in 5 venues in both the Ville Nouvelle and the Medina from 6th to 30th December.
Over the past week we have managed to get to 4 of the exhibitions. Our first visit was to the Complexe Culturel Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef to see the installation works of Laurent Pernot. The 5 darkish pieces seemed to represent issues such as creation, decay & distruction. The window piece was one of our favourites.
After this we made our way up to the Association Fes Saiss Gallery at Sid El Khayat in Batha. Here there were several installations (Video/Sound), by Cecile Babiole, Laurant Mareschal, & Stephane Trosis Carres. Marceschal's piece of outdoor Christmas lights set to the music of Godspeed You Black Emperor was the most intrguing for us.
On our 3rd stop we visited Galerie Kacimi to see the works of Bernard Plossu & Lamia Naji. Downstairs, Plossu's mostly black & white photos included many from Morocco of the mid 70's, some showing the changes in Moroccan society since that time, he also has some later photos from Mexico & France. Upstairs Naji's coulourful photos seem to be from a single day at a music event, possibibly in Casa, showing young people with their many varied fashions, contrasting with some of the more traditional scenes of Plossou. Naji also has a short video montage of many of the the same images, if it's not showing, ask the guardian and he will arrange to turn it on.
Finally we visited the galerie of The Institut Francais to see the photos of Celine Croze. The photos of Casablana street scenes and life are printed 2 per sheet on black paper and imounted in glass covered frames, this made them very difficult to view due to reflections through the galery's large window, much of the time we seemed to be looking at an image of the buildings opposite rather than the photos.
We did not get to the 5th exhibition, Hassan Ouazzani's, L'Boulvard 2013.
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Posted 14 December 2014



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