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Culture: 2014 Fez Festival of Sufi Culture 12-19 April

2013 Fez Festival of Sufi Cultures, 13-20 April 2013, Fez MoroccoA provisional line up for the 8th Fez Festival of Sufi Cultures has been released. This year's festival is themed 'In the footsteps of Ibn Arabi', the Arab Andalusian Sufi mystic. It will run from 12-19 April and features, so far, Sufi Brotherhoods from Morocco, Turkey, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Brotherhoods (Tariqa) so far listed include, from Morocco, the Tijaniya, Chadhiliya, Qadiriya, Wazzaniya, Charqawiya and from abroad, Tariqa Naqchbandiya of Turkey and Tariqa Qadiriya of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Last year with the sole exception of the closing concert, all events took place at Musée Batha.

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Posted 31 January 2014



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