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Nature: Recent hike on Mount Zalagh

Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco, January 2014 View of Bou Iblane from Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco, January 2014

Here are a few photos of our first hike up Mount Zalagh in 2014. The weather forecast the previous day said it would be sunny, and there is nothing nicer than a crisp sunny Moroccan winter's day. We set off early and decided to approach the main summit from the rear. On the way up we saw a lot of bird life especially large numbers of North African Chaffinches and several Redstarts. Later on the far side of the summit we came across 2 Buzzards and also there were several ravens in the vicinity. It was also lovely to see the early Almond blossom.

Once we reached the top we went to the triangulation point where we ate our packed lunch with only the midday calls to prayer from the medina way below breaking the silence. Afterwards we made our way eastwards along the crest with wonderful SE views over towards a snow topped Mount Bou Iblane. After descending through the fertile lower slopes we stopped just before reaching town for some tea and fresh harsha before finally making our way back to Rcif and Dar Aquas.

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Posted 04 February 2014



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