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Cinema News: Fez Cinema showing Films in original language, Institute Francais cancels Film programme

Megarama Cinema Fez MoroccoThe refurbished Megarama Empire cinema on Blvd Hassan II has begun a weekly showing of films in their original language. In Moroccan cinemas, most films shown, unless they are French language or Moroccan films in Arabic are the dubbed French versions. However, now each Thursday evening, the Megarama will show a film in it's original language. The next showing will be the new Robocop at 19h45 on Thursday 13 Feb. The original 1984 Robocop by Paul Verhoeven is a great film so it will be interesting to see how the remake turns out.

Institut Francais FesWe used to enjoy the Instuitut Francais film programme on Wednesday evenings at the Cinema Rex. French film has a very different style to English lanuage productions be they Hollywood Blockbusters or Indie fiilms, so it gave a nice contrast to the regular fare. However the Rex cinema has now closed and the Institut Francais have not as yet been able to find an alternate venue, which is a pity. We hope that they will be able to find somewhere so as they can once again include a film season in their Spring cultural programme.

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Posted 08 February 2014



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