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Nature: Interesting Plants in Fez

Mother of Thousands, Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco Mother of Thousands Flowers, Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco Mother of Thousands Plantlets, Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco

A couple of years ago we bought an odd looking plant from a street cart, the seller said it was called 'scom'. It was a succulent, a type of plant that seems to do well in the Fez climate. This new plant seemed to do well, we placed it in a corner spot and it flourished.
The first winter we noticed a long stem emerged from the plant and this was then topped by a head of bell type flowers. However the flowers did not appear to produce any seeds, the seeds seemed to be growing around the edges of the leaves. These seeds were dispersing all over the terrace with new plants appearing very quickly and their shape adjusted according to their position, short wide in shallow pots and taller and slender in deeper pots. They seemed to love damp places, but then also thrived in the sun.
They were amazing. It was only after having the plants about 6 months that we realised how they were reproducing so successfully. On closer inspecting we saw that the 'seeds' on the edges of the leaves we not actually seeds but mini versions of the plant itself, so when they dispersed they we already partly grown and would root virtually anywhere, it was like the plant was producing its own specialised 'cuttings'.
Later we discovered the plant had the appropriate English name of 'Mother of Thousands' and is a native of Madagascar, although it is also now found in similar climates throughout the world. It does seem like the type of plant that could be very invasive, but is probably kept in check by the odd frosty period every few years. Anyhow we'll keep monitoring iit here at Dar Aquas

Camomile Plant, Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco
This plant first appears like a small spidery weed every January, but it is actually Camomile. The small daisy type yellow flowers with white petals are now just beginning to open. Previously we were removing these 'weeds' from our plant pots, but then missed some one year and when they matured we discovered that they were camomile. So now we are careful to leave them in place and every year we get these lovely vanilla scented flowers on our terrace. Maybe this year we'll get enough to collect and dry and we can have out very own Dar Aquas camomile tea.


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Posted 10 February 2014



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