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Crafts: Exposing the artisans of Fez – ‘Art de Fes’ Boucherouite workshop

Boucherouite workshopWe recently visited a design workshop held by Jess Stephens of Culture Vultures for the newly formed Art de Fes women's craft co-operative. These artisans, highly skilled in the various traditional textile arts, and largely working at home until now, have come together to create a new craft co-op.  
The workshop was to help them design a collection of boucherouite items for an exhibition at Cafe Clock which will open on International Women's Day 08 March 2014, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards the Culture Vultures Exposé Artisanal Project. Boucherouite work uses scraps of fabric and wool often left over from the more traditional textile arts, and the items made display a great deal of creativity in both pattern and colour.
Our photos show the women at work creating items as diverse as embroidered postcards, Ipad covers from hand knotted macrame, decorated baskets ,and larger pieces of boucherouite work to be made into handbags, cushions and other products. More information on the Exposé Artisanal project  can be seen here. The Art de Fes exhibition at Cafe Clock opens at 17h, 08 March and runs until 07 April

Boucherouite workshop Boucherouite workshop Boucherouite workshop
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Posted 02 March 2014



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