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Fez Souk: Orange Flower water ingredients and equipment Orange Blossom, Rcif, Fez Morocco

As some of the wide avenues in Fez new town (La Ville) fill with the fragrance of orange blossom, so do the baskets of the blossom sellers in the Medina souks. In spring in Fez, fresh orange blossom is often used as an additional flavouring in tea, but it is mainly used to distill the aromatic orange water which is used as food flavouring and for fragrance.  At Dar Aquas we are currently using the buds to provide a natural fragrance in the courtyard. 

This stall holder in the nearby Rcif Souk had until recently been selling solely the delicious winter mandarins & clementines. However as they have just gone out of season he has switched  to orange blossom and the various items needed in the production of orange water, ie. stills made from copper and aluminium and some bottles.  He is also selling actual orange flower water, fresh Chamomile (not in photo) and what was possibly small bags of Service Tree fruit.

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Posted 26 March 2014


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