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Photographs: Nature from Mount Zalagh 1 & 6 April 2014 (click images for larger size)

3 Photos below show (l to r) the lower slopes of Mount Zalagh, Moroccan Orange Tip Butterfly foraging on Broad Bean (Fava/Ful), and a pair of Barbary Partridges.
Mount Zalagh south side, Fez Morocco Moroccan Orange Tip Butterfly, on Broad Bean (Fava/Ful) Plant, Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco Barbary partridge Pair, Mount zalagh, Fez Morocco

2 Photos below show Griffon Vultures circling the eastern end of Mount Zalagh
Griffon Vultures, Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco Griffon Vultures, Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco

3 Photos below show (l to r), Great Grey Shrike, a camouflaged Grasshopper, Thekla Lark
Great Grey Shrike, Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco Grasshopper, Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco Thekla Lark, Mount Zalagh, Fez Morocco

Some photos from walks on Mount Zalagh in early April 2014. Griffon Vultures are regular visitors to Zalagh and in past visits we have seen the rarer Egyptian Vultures. The recent visits also yielded sightings of Kites and a Black-Crowned Tchagara, also plenty of Alpine Swifts, Chaffinches, Green Finches, and a Corn Bunting singing from a tree top. April also saw the emergence of lots of Butterflies with some large yellow Swallowtails being particularly impressive.

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Posted 07 April 2014


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