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Ramadan Nights 2014: Institut Francais de Fes & Instituto Cervantes present 3 Concerts at Dar Tazi

ramadan Nights, 3 Concerts at Dar Tazi, Batha, 18, 19, 20 July 2014, Fez Morocco
This week the Institut Francais de Fes return with the their second year of their Ramadan Nights concert series with 3 performances at Dar Tazi.
July 18, IDIR, Singer/Songwriter IDIR (Hamid Cheriet) of Berber origin from Haute-Kabylie Algeria performs his personal songs to traditional melodies.
July 19
, Flamenco Art and poetry: The Conference of the Birds. Farid Ud-din Attar. Collaboration between Art & Flamenco. Performers; Violeta Caldrés (Artist), Sara Holgado (Flamenco Singer), Pablo Martínez (Guitar), Paco Chorobo (Percussionist). Sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes. This concert has been moved to the Hotel Barcelo, 22h
July 20, Souad Massi et Eric Fernandez (Chœurs de Cordoue). Massi and Fernandez bring their voice and guitar to creative a sound of 10th century medieval Cordoba, in Al Andalus. They will be supported by Sabrina Romero, (dance), Alexander Leauthaud (accordion), José Cortes (percussion) and Rabah Kalfa (derbouka).

All concerts take place at 22h (10pm) at Dar Tazi, Sid El Khayat, Batha, Fes Medina. The Institute Francais say that admission is by Invatation Only, and these are obtainable from theIr offices near La Fiat in the Nouvelle Ville.

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Posted 13 July 2014
/ Updated 15 July 2014

For some photos of the events see here

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