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News / Photograph: Rennovation works on Fez Tanneries

We had seen that renovation works had started at the smaller Fez Medina Tannery sites, but we didn't realised that they had actually begun at the largest Chouwara Tanneries until one of our guests returned last week from a medina tour with the photograph below. The project seems to involve the leveling and complete rebuilding of the Chouwara, Sidi Mousa (Near Nejarine), and Dar Dabagh (in Ain Azleiten) tanneries. We have been told that the work will take about 5 months and will cost about €2m. All the tannery workers are being paid from the project funds for the duration of the renovations. There is also some works at the much smaller Dyers Souk near Bab Sid El Aoued in R'cif.

Chouwara Tanneries Works, Medina, Fez Morocco

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Posted 06 February 2014


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