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Fez (or Fès)

Fez is in the centre of northern Morocco, between the Rif mountains to the north and the Atlas mountains to the south. Fez is the English/Spanish translation from the Arabic and Fès is the French spelling. In Morocco you will usually see 'Fès' written, as French is widely spoken here.


Things to Do in Fez

Fez Medina:
The Old Medina, founded in 789 AD, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the major visitor attraction in Fez. Dar Aquas is in the centre of the medina near to many of the historical sites including the Kairouine and Andalous Mosques, the Kairouine University and Library, several old medersas (Koranic schools), Hat sellers display on Talaa Kibira in Fes medina the Nejarine Fundooq (old caravansai), and the famous Fez Tanneries, all of which are within walking distance. The Mellah (old Jewish area), is located between the medina and the new town, where you can visit the Jewish cemetery and the Ibn Danan synagogue (photo here). For some Fez can be a shopping paradise, with it's myriad of souks (markets). Usual buys include carpets, pottery, lamps, leather goods and clothing. Babouches (Moroccan Slippers) are often a good buy.

However the real joy of Fez is to be found in just wandering the labyrinth of small streets of the medina and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a world a long way removed from the West. We can arrange a guide or you can just explore by yourself. We recommend that you do at least have a guide book, all the major travel guide publishers produce Morocco guide books. Also, bring some good flat footwear for the cobbled/paved alleys.

Outside Fez:
If you have more than a couple of days in Fez then you may want to venture beyond the city. Day trips Macaqe monkeys in the Atlas mountains outside Fezare possible to nearby Meknes and to the Roman ruins at Volubilis.
Other options include visits to Middle Atlas towns such as Azrou and Ifrane where is it possible to see the famous Cedar forests and Barbary Apes. There is also the spa town of Moulay Yacoub with natural hot springs, 20km from Fez.

There are even basic ski slopes in Midshiflen, in the Middle Atlas mountains, about 1.5 hours from Fez, although good snow is not always guaranteed

Fez is known as the culinary capital of Morocco. As Moroccans themselves tend not eat out at Moroccan Food Restaurants, the best Moroccan food is usually found in the home.

Cultural Activities in Fez:
There are usually a few cultural events happening in Fez, check our listings page to see what's on. Fez also has regular Festivals, including the Festival of Sufi Culture every April, Fez Flamenco Festival in May, and the famous Fez Festival of World Sacred Music every June.

Fez has 2 football teams, MAS & WAF, playing in the Botola (Moroccan Premier Division). The season follows roughly the same timetable as European leagues, and games are normally played on a Saturday or Sunday. Both MAS and the smaller WAF play at the new Hassan II Stadium on Trek Sefrou on the outskirts town. Ticket prices vary from 20 dirham to 100 dirham.
Golf is also available at the Royal Golf Fes course, about 20 minutes from Fes, near the airport

Although obviously an urban environment, Fez Medina has some wild attractions, especially bird life. Fez Medina Little Egrets and Grey HeronLocal birds easily seen include White Storks, Cattle & Little Egrets (there is an egret & heron roost nearby), Lesser Kestrels, Spotless Starlings, House Buntings & Alpine Swifts (Mar-mid Aug, lower nos. until Nov). We have also seen Hoopoes, Golden Orioles, Woodchat Shrikes, Spotted Flycatchers, Bee Eaters, Gray Wagtails, Common Bulbuls, Owls, Collared, Laughing & Turtle Doves and more all within the walls of Fez Medina. See our Books page for some recommendations for suitable Bird Guides for Morocco.



The climate in Fez, often comes as a surprise to many people.  Winter (Dec – Mid March) days are usually sunny and bright, however winter evenings are often chilly and nights cold, so clients need to bring some warm clothing. The Moroccan winter also has some rainy periods but they usually only last a couple of days at a time.  Summers can be very hot (especially late July / August), however the old medina remains cooler than more open areas due to the design of the traditional houses and the narrow streets being shaded.  Latest Fez weather forecasts can be found here, and season weather information here.


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Leather hides drying in sun

Tannery, leather hides drying in the sun
Nejarine Fondook & Wood MuseumNejarine Fundooq, Wood Museum Fez
Volubilis Roman RuinsThe Roman Ruins at nearby Volubilus



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