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New Mandala Retreat - Awakening the Self: Art and Meditation Retreat

Awakening the Self - Mandala Retreat with Healing Creations Artist Patricia Fitzgerald  (runs 21 - 25 September, 2016, 4 nights Bed & Breakfast with 3 Dinners)

Mandala Retreat at Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco

Join Healing Creations Artist Patricia Fitzgerald for a 4 night retreat at this unique venue. There will be a full Mandala Workshop including meditation each morning in the beautiful central courtyard of this former Imam's house. A guided tour of the Medina will introduce you to the inspiring historical sites of Fez, filled with intricate sacred geometrical patterns and atmospheric architecture. There will be periods of each day that are yours to enjoy as you choose - simply relax in house or enjoy an additional excursion or activity, visit the colourful and vibrant souks, or take time to soak up the atmosphere of Fez strolling through the maze of streets, visiting inspiring historical sites or people watching while enjoying a mint tea.
Our Awakening the Self - Mandala Retreat costs  €580 per person sharing and is for a minimum number of 6 participants. Instruction will be in English. The next retreats will run from 21 to 25 September 2016, participants arrive Wednesday and depart Sunday. Contact us at info@daraquas.com

Mandala workshops
Mandala Retreat at Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit means circle, centre, circumference, sacred circle or magic circle. In eastern spiritual traditions, a mandala is a form of sacred art that depicts the totality of the self. In Islamic tradition also, the mandala features amongst their most beautiful mosques and illuminated manuscripts. In Christianity too….think of those beautiful stain glass windows throughout the ages. Ancient Celtic art, Vedic art, Meso-American, Native American, Aboriginal, Hindu, Taoist and indeed all faiths feature the powerful mandala. Swiss-German psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung found the mandala which is such an ancient archetypal manifestation that appears in all Eastern and Western religions, mythology and rituals – to be a powerful tool for growth and transformation, a symbol of wholeness. The mandala represents both the self and world.

The universe itself is a mandala. The earth, sun and moon are round. Everything alive – plants, animals and human beings – consists of cells. Each cell is a mandala. Even the seasons and the life cycle of human beings is a circle, so it is in everything where power moves.

The circle is the symbol of one, wholeness and centering. It represents infinity and eternity, having no beginning and no end.

Finding your true centre
Mandala Retreat at Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco

When we consciously connect with our true centre, indescribable happiness ensues. To help to feel one’s own centre is to stay conscious, no matter what might happen, no matter what one does at any time, to watch oneself consciously.  As Marcus Aurelius quoted: “You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” When we truly get in touch with our true nature, we are in total peace. Imagine you are sitting in the eye of hurricane, you feel the sense of peace, stillness and calmness. If you begin to move away from the centre, everything will fall back into chaos and distortion. And when you can get to the place of your true centre, you begin to gain true perceptions. 

The Workshop: Creating Your Mandala as a Self-Healing Tool
Mandala Retreat at Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco

Creating a Mandala connects us with our true nature, centering us fully in the energy of NOW – the present moment. The creation of mandalas is an active meditation for the purpose of personal growth and self healing and manifestation. When we work with our mandala we may experience moments of clarity, harmony, peace and inner happiness.

On the first day, I will explain how I came to draw Mandalas and what they mean for me. We will then do a short meditation together, feeling the energy within and between us and getting to the intention we wish to set with our Mandala. Think of it kind of like a Sankalpa which is used during Yoga Nidra.  It is an intention that you set yourself, such as ‘I awaken to my true self’ or ‘I am the experience of love and happiness’ – always keep your language positive and avoid negative words such as ‘I don’t want to be sad any more’….turn that around to the other side using the active ‘I am’ phraseology. After our short meditation, I will begin you on the journey of your mandala and we will work in silence together, focusing on our intention and the piece. 

On the second day, we will begin the process of creating a mandala of the self, working according to the principles of Feng Shui - so we will look at various aspects of our 'selves' and come to realise that all we do is connected. Each section of our mandala will reflect an aspect of ourselves: 

  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Admiration & Reputation
  • Relationship & Love
  • Family & Stability
  • Children & Creativity
  • Skill & Wisdom
  • Career & Life Path
  • Travel & Helpful People
  • Health

We will work on our mandala during the second and third days, and if you wish to continue throughout the day or evening, I will be there to guide you. 

Listen to your heart and be guided by your intuition. The mandala reflects your true self. It is a perfect way to reconnect your inner creativity and inner child. You will be amazed at how effortlessly you can create a beautiful Mandala.

Mandala Retreat at Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco

Dar Aquas is a small,beautifully restored, boutique guest house, in the oldest part of Fez Medina. All of our guest rooms have fine examples of  carved plaster, tile work and cedar wood, they are decorated with beautiful locally hand woven Berber cushions and  bed covers, each room has a seating area and an en-suite bathroom.All guests are provided with luxury Dar Aquas hand made soap, our beds have  high quality bedlinen and all rooms have air-conditioning, heating and hair dryers.

Guests are welcome to use all of the communal spaces in the house to relax and read, there are cosy seating areas on all floors and on the plant filled terrace, and our small library is available to all guests. Free Wifi is is available.


Mandala Retreat at Dar Aquas, Fez Morocco

A delicious breakfast of orange juice, home-made jams, fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs, and locally-made bread will be served each morning in our Menzah room ,which is on the top floor of the house.

A light lunch (eg Soup) will be served each working day of the retreat, (Thurs, Fri & Sat) using only the freshest ingredients. A three course set dinner will be served in the Menzah on the evening of arrival, your second evening in Fez and on the evening of the last full day of the Retreat. Dinner is a substantial  three course set meal with tea and coffee. 

If you have dietary restrictions please let us know at the time of booking.

Additional meals and beverages can be provided, details available on request



Shared twin/double en suite: €580 per person.

  • 4 nights in shared double/twin en suite accommodation at Dar Aquas
  • Mandala workshops and meditation each day
  • Herbal tea served each morning, delicious freshly-prepared breakfast, lunch and 3-course dinner on the evening of arrival, the second evening of the retreat  and on the evening of the last full day.
  • Group guided tour of Fez Medina
  • Transfers to/from arrival point in Fez
  • Tourist taxes

Not included:
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance to historical sites
  • Drawing equipment/paper - we will let you know what to bring with you on booking
  • Personal shopping and gratuities
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Any other additional transfers or excursions

Extra nights at Dar Aquas:
For anyone wishing to either arrive earlier or depart later than the retreat dates and who wishes to book extra nights. Please contact Dar Aquas  for more details.

Additional excursions and activities
Soap making, guided walks, tours to surrounding area and other activities and excursions can be arranged for you,prices on request.

Please contact Dar Aquas via email at info@daraquas.com to make a booking. Places are strictly limited so early booking is advised, a minimum of 6 participants are needed for the Retreat to go ahead. Your booking will only be confirmed with a non-refundable deposit of €290, with full payment required by 31 July 2015. On payment of the Retreat fee participants will receive a set of Retreat Notes which will give them further information regarding items to bring, itinerary and general information about the Retreat.

For full Terms and Conditions see here


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Mount Zalagh North Face, Fez Morocco
Little Owl on Mount Zalagh



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