Sustainability at Dar Aquas

We do care about our impact on the environment we live in. To see what we try to do, and how you as a guest at Dar Aquas can help us with this, see below.

What we are doing:

Dar Aquas was restored using local craftsmen,traditional methods, locally sourced materials and as many of the original materials of the house as possible were retained and reused. All of our furnishing were either made specifically for the house by local crafts men or refurbished/restored by us and our soft furnishings have either been sourced locally from local hand weavers or made by us specifically for the house.

We serve meals made from seasonal, locally produced food and support our local shops,market traders and bakery on an almost daily basis. We encourage guests to let us know in advance if they wish to order meals orĀ  have any dietary requirements , this allows us to shop more effectively. All of our preserves and jam are made in-house at Dar Aquas.

We make all of our soap for guest rooms, from Moroccan olive oil and fragranced plant oils, these soaps are paraben, gluten and palm oil free. Shampoo is bought in bulk and presented in recycled glass containers

We re-use or supply to others for re-use/recycling as many of the materials that come in to the house as possible e.g many of our glass bottles go to a local flower water distiller,jars are used for storage or preserves.

Lighting on our stairways is on a timer system to reduce unnecessary electricity use, 80% of the light bulbs in the house are low energy and we replace light bulbs as they fail with low energy bulbs.

We reduce the amount of water and detergent used for laundry by only washing full loads in our A+ energy rated machine. We air dry all of our laundry.

We use many natural cleaning products where possible such as vinegar, home made bees wax wood polish, handmade soap, essential oils.

Our terrace garden is pesticide free, we grow herbs and plants to attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects

We encourage guests to use small locally-based tourism suppliers, cafes, restaurants and we actively promote local events and tourist attractions.


How you can help:

We ask our guests to place towels they wish to be washed in the baskets provided and to keep towels they are happy with on the hooks in the bathrooms. This helps to reduce washing and power needs.

Please turn off air-conditioning, heating and lights when you leave your room, and unplug chargers unless you are actually charging something.

Please do not leave taps running unnecessarily, and please turn off taps and lights when you leave your bathroom.

When in your room, close the doors and windows to the room, and your bathroom doors when you have the air-conditioning / heating on, this keeps the heat / cold air in your room where it is most beneficial to you.

Let us know of any dietary requirements in advance e.g. gluten free, this helps us to plan mealsĀ  and shop more effectively.


Unlike many other North African and Middle Eastern countries Morocco has very little energy supples (Oil & Gas) of it's own and therefore has to import most of these resources. Water supplies are reliant on regular winter rains and this supply is sometimes threatened when the weather patterns deviate from historical trends.


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